Gymbo-Kidz is a Sport and Movement programme that has been running classes at schools on the South  Coast since 2009. Our classes are structured to develop skills of children between the ages of  18 months to 9 years with age specific lessons developed for 3 main age groups: 2-3yrs (Gymbo-Tots); 3-6 years (Gymbo-Juniors); 7-9 years (Gymbo Giants).

Our primary goal in teaching young children is to develop a positive attitude in them towards sport and exercise.
We believe that we have achieved this goal when a child is able to equate exercise with the word “FUN!”. 

We believe that this healthy attitude will put them in good stead for the rest of their school and adult life, improving their self confidence, social integration and as a result increasing the child’s  scope of academic and sporting achievement!