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I have read through the attached “GYMBO-KIDZ COVID-19 STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES DOCUMENT”and accept & understand the terms & conditions thereof & consent to my child's participation in Gymbo-Kidz classes under the protocol laid out in the Gymbo-Kidz Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures Document.

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Hat Shield and mask orders:

Should parents want to purchase a Hat shield or face mask, please click on the link below.

Please note that there is no obligation to purchase either of these items. Parents are required to follow the protocol and personal arrangements with their child’s school in regard to the wearing of face masks or shields.


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  Occasionally we take photos or videos of classes for marketing purposes. Please indicate if you will or will not allow photos of your child.

Terms & Conditions

ENROLMENT: Enrolment is per term which is made up of an average of 8 structured classes. Children can enroll anytime of the year. An enrolment fee is a once-off fee payable every year, this is for hand-outs and administration.

HAND-OUTS: Children will receive weekly digital stickers , termly certificates and twice yearly evaluation reports and a graduation medal at the end of the year.

FEES: Children are invoiced per term. (Please contact us for the fee structure at your child’s school / venue). Fees must be settled no later then 30 days into a term. Under these difficult circumstances monthly payments can moat definitely be arranged. Payment options are cash, or EFT.

ATTIRE: It is advised that children wear practical clothing for physical exercise.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents wishing to discontinue Gymbo-Kidz classes are to give a full term's notice. Parents discontinuing their children at the beginning of a term are still liable to pay for that term. No discount will be given for absenteeism or for schools being closed during normal school term dates. Children who are absent or unable to attend classes due to illness, will be provided with that week’s online lesson.  Catch up classes as well as alternative afternoon and weekend catch up venues will be arranged where possible.

INDEMNITY: The Gymbo-Kidz staff cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may arise whilst children are under the supervision of Gymbo-Kidz staff. While the Gymbo-Kidz staff will adhere to the strict protocol set out in the Gymbo-Kidz Standard Operating Procedures, established under the guide lines laid out by the Department of Social Development, as well as the protocol of each school and venue where Gymbo-Kidz classes are held, the Gymbo-Kidz staff cannot be held responsible for any child coming into contact with or contracting the SARS-Cov-2 virus.